189 Haig Road

Sitting along the busy road of Haig Road, the houses are raised with a new basement levelled at road level. This gave a new found opportunity to design a 1st storey which has access to spaces and roof terraces that are elevated, and yet retain its privacy as an exclusive public space.

This newfound spatial quality of the public is now stretched to extend from the basement to 1st storey dining area, and from 1st storey dining space to 2nd storey living room.

Interlocking the spaces and creating an overall internal spatial cohesion.

The main elevation, which is western facing is then screened with facade treatment that on the one hand allows view out from the interior, and on the other provide some form of privacy for the occupant when view from different angle from the street.

35 & 35A Tavistock


13 & 15 Jalan Haji Alias